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Praxis is the process by which a skill is enacted. In this case, that practice is spelling to communicate. In taking communication out of speech and moving it into gross motor, we put the world at someone's fingertips. My son described it as living in a darkened room and then having someone suddenly open a window. The entire trajectory of a life is shifted. It's miraculous but it's not a miracle. To call it that diminishes the hard work my clients put into mastering their bodies. I may be their coach but they remain my teachers. It's my honor to be a part of their journey ~ Dana.
26 letters, infinite possibilities.

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Eye tracking reveals agency in assisted autistic communication

MAY 12,2020


Dana Woodhouse


Endorsed by International Association for Spelling as Communication (I-ASC).

Mentor for I-ASC practitioner training cohorts.

BA in Sociology, Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education, Humboldt State University.

I operate from the following foundations:

* Communication is a fundamental human right.

* Every person can and wants to learn.

* Nonspeaking does not equal lack of intelligence.

I am the parent of a nonspeaking autistic son who uses S2C. I've seen how communication changes lives. I get the fear that comes with embracing hope one more time after a lifetime of disappointment when it comes to therapies for our loved ones. But I took that chance and it changed my life for the better. That's why I decided to become a trained practitioner: to share that gift with other people challenged in communication like my son.

I'm trained to work with beginning to fluent communicators. I'm also experienced in education, motor planning, and regulation issues. 

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5319 SW Westgate Drive Suite 154,Portland, Oregon, 97221

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